Download Go Solo Launcher 1.9.5 APK for Android

Are you tired of the general and common UI of your phone? Bring a shift and install a versatile Solo Launcher 1.9.5 which is totally different from previous version 1.9.4 and particularly designed and launched in APK android version for android users. It brings you a flourished appearance of your phone and also adds up smart speed boosting features.

You can easily download and add thousands of desired and catchy wallpapers and themes in it.

Mark Excellence Using Solo Launcher 1.9.5

Previous version of Solo Launcher was not upto the expectations of users though it was a handsome idea to simplify the application cluster and bringing less space occupying UI for your phone. This latest version 1.9.5 Apk adnroid has brought more hand dealing features, more speedy and bugs free smooth application execution, covers less space in phone memory and is extremely customizable.

This version is also compatible with Google voice controls and brings a smart shift towards automatic phone process control. Below here are some of the saliencies which this launcher has got;

  1. Gestures based commands
  2. Pre –added themes and wallpapers
  3. Personalized customization of apps and widgets
  4. Entirely fresh and better look from previous versio
  5. More speedy app launch

Download Free Apk Android

You can download this apk android version free of cost from Google Play store and bring a smart change in your android experience. It will help you sustaining more featured access over your smartphone. Get the download and enjoy this innovative phone presentation

Reviews on Play Store

There are high ratings about this application on Google Play store and more than a million users have rated this application above 4.0 that means its really worth using. Go get your Google play store account and find this free application for your phone. This application particularly works with android 4.0 Jelly bean and later versions.

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