Purchase Office 365 Home and Personal Features via In-app Purchases

Previously it was a bit difficult and time consuming process for the users to get features and purchases of fully optional versions of Office applications for iOS users. The prime target was to deliver the application users for wide access use. Now the fresh target is aimed for those users who have only one MAC/ iPad and they want personal use.

This subscription was earlier possible in $99.9 on annual basis whereas now users can attain this facility in just $6.99 per month for Office Personal and $9.99 for Office Home.

The best and magnificent advantage is that users don’t need to block their money for the entire tenure and they can target the usage in limited time. Furthermore they can make subscription purchased via in app purchases feature.

This monthly subscription process gain a lot of support and strength in the entire iFamily and apply users specially those who use this application for certain purposes on iPad. Once the subscription is attained for a month, user can focus on the work with calm mind rather than stressing out the use for one whole year.

This feature contains all the available options and features include in a paid version and you can enjoy every versatile option for least monthly charges which are fairly available for users. Download office app on your iPad and bring forth the commanding use in managing your documents and creating files for varied purposes.

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