Download Talking Tom Cat 2 Free Apk Android Full Version

Talking Tom Cat is one of a very famous and successful application going these days especially in APK android version. This application is full of funny moments when a cat on your screen makes funny mimicries and copies your lines in funny accents. It also relates to a kid making excellent response when you speak something in your microphone.

Fun and entertainment applications have always been a prominent interest of users on both Google Play Store and iStore. There are millions of applications available in this category and they are counting on.

What’s New Talking Tom Cat Brings for You?

With bigger, better and funnier outrage, this latest and newly updated Original Talking Tom Cat has brought many exciting features and pros for users. It counts for various new additives where you can make fun, talk, ping, poke, and jab and juggle TOM and he will respond you back in his hilarious voice. Some of the exotic saliencies added to this latest version are pointed below;

  • Now you can play with TOM, stroke him, poke him and challenge him for earning gold coins and TOM accepts it with open heart
  • Get a notch, TOM will wear new outfits and colorful accessories which are made available in this update
  • TOM can now move from his alley to various wonderful locations
  • It now comes with smashing bags, exploding pillows and funny farts which are enough to make you laugh

Download free APK for Android

You don’t need to pay a penny for making this fun application your handy pat. You can get this free APK android version and enjoy ticking TOM this time. File size is very small and doesn’t create any extra burden on your memory and RAM to rejoice your free moments.

Review on Play Store

As we sourced information from play store, application is yet number one and going so far in more than 150 countries all around the globe, having more than 400 million downloads. Over a million users have rated the application above 4.0 that mean application has rich response from android users.

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