TouchPal Keyboard APK for Android

Are you down with typing and changing modes of inputs to give instructions? Want to charge up your typing and speedy writing without using fingers moving across the screen? TouchPal keyboard is an entirely amazing release by the developers certainly made for convenient typing. Using this APK android application, users can install a superb sensitive keyboard which is different from all other keyboards.

TouchPal APK Work Smartly

You sometimes need to change input modes and languages. Another desire that arises sometimes is to write handy. Using TouchPal APK users can type by easily waving their hand across the screen and complete all the sentences by spacing words. Using this application you feel a different and comfortable typing experience that helps in sheer perfect typing and speedy writing for whatever purpose you want.

Download for APK Android

This application is certainly free and available for download on Google play store for APK android version. Only android users can download and use this smartly configured application. It helps in saving your time from adjusting mode of typing and also counts for different features which are not offered in multiple other applications.

Saliencies of TouchPal Keyboard APK Android

Below here are mentioned some of the prominent developments regarding this latest version and improvements which have been added for fresh and better user experience;

  • Now you can add multiple clipboards, use different applications at the same time and write at multiple positions
  • You can add Emoji predictions specifically for English language
  • You can add a wide range of newly added languages
  • This version has now come with improved space behavior between words

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