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Free download Picaso TV uses another stylish streaming app on your Android
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June 08 2022
Android 5.0 +

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PicasoTV uses another stylish streaming app on your Android without paying indeed a single penny. No doubt, this is a new addition to the list of free online streaming platforms. And this India- grounded app will let you watch The Rearmost Pictures & Series, Live TV & Sports Channels from numerous countries & playhouses.

So, explore this app if you want to witness the top-class Hollywood & Bollywood content in the easiest ways. For further details about it, continue reading the whole composition.

Everyone will admit that the recent epidemic changed several effects in our lives fully. Now, utmost of us prefer to stay in our homes. Thus, the trend of online games, streaming apps, and online shopping has increased to a great extent.

Those, who have been visiting out-of-door places for entertainment, are now using decoration or free videotape streaming platforms. That’s why you can observe your dear bones watching Live Television or Pictures, etc., on their smartphones. However, also PicasoTV is suitable If you also need a gratifying app.

Indeed, it shows colorful seductive features like many A1 apps. Available Television channels & other videotape content are well-distributed into fine groups. Likewise, it includes nearly all stripes of entertainment. Either sluice or download the vids to watch latterly. And third- party advertisements won’t appear anywhere in the app.

Premium apps demand your credit card word, indeed if they offer you a free trial. Yet, PicasoTV is free from similar conditions. All druggies can pierce their main services without spending plutocrats. Hence, it’s a general source.

What’s PicasoTV? 

Picaso TV app is a stoner-friendly app that allows you to stream your favorite content and make your rest time more varied. With a huge collection of pictures, Television shows, and pictures, the stoner won’t run out of content to watch. The beauty of this app is that you don’t have to pay a single penny or take any kind of class whatsoever.

As utmost of the movie Apps like HD Streamz, GHD Sports, Pikashow, etc do, where you have to pay a yearly class figure, but Picaso TV provides you the service to watch online pictures absolutely free, neither you need to pay a single penny to the inventor to enjoy the astonishing features of this operation. Also, you can also find paid subscription channels for free

Picaso TV  app doesn’t just stop at delivering blockbuster pictures, it also uploads movie campers for druggies to watch. PicasoTV is easy to use as the app has a distributed layout which makes it easier for druggies to navigate the content of their interest.

Utmost streaming apps bear druggies to register themselves whereas PicasoTV skips this gratuitous way and takes you straight to the main interface.

Picaso TV APK [Latest Version] v1.6.5 Free Download For Android

What are the crucial features of PicasoTV? 

PicasoTV is popular for numerous reasons as other streaming apps bear enrollment whereas this app doesn’t ask its druggies to get registered and takes the druggies straight down to the main content. It’s like a dream to watch unlimited free content in the win of your hands. Given below are the vastly distinguished features of this app.

• Live Sports. Hundreds of live justice and football matches for sports suckers are on the go in high quality and without softening.

• Mottoes. Occasionally it’s hard to understand different languages in the pictures so for the ease of the druggies, the app is offering mottoes for pictures and other Television shows.

• Hunt Menu. A hunt menu is given to search for your favorite content. What if the person doesn’t find his asked content also he can fluently search through the hunt bar.

• HD Quality. A person can watch all the pictures, web series, and other live channels in HD quality.

• Movie Campers. Utmost of the streaming apps don’t contain any movie campers but this app takes one step further by showing movie campers for forthcoming pictures.

• Pictures. The person can watch top-rated thousands of Hollywood, Bollywood, South Bangali, Tollywood, and Bengali pictures on this app. Download options for pictures and other shows are given to watch whenever they want.

• Web Series. The person can stream all the popular web series and Television series without any interruption.

• Customize Listing. The app is packed with public and transnational content. Druggies of this app are free to make a list of their favorite content in a library.

• Radio Channels. Besides live channels and other entertainment content. The app is offering multiple Radio channels to delight radio suckers.

• Videotape Quality. The app is offering high-quality videotape content and druggies for free to choose between the given options like 360p, 480p, 720p, and indeed 4k.

• Orders. The app is supporting multiple orders which include cartoons, action, drama, horror, suspension, love, etc.

• Videotape Players. Players can stream dramatizations, pictures, and other content from inbuilt or uttermost media players.

• And much further.

Appa ScreenShot

Picaso TV APK [Latest Version] v1.6.5 Free Download For Android
Picaso TV APK [Latest Version] v1.6.5 Free Download For Android

How to Download PicasoTV APK 

1. First, go to the bottom of the runner and click the download link handed.

2. PicasoTV APK will be downloaded on your phone.

3. Go to Settings, also Security.

4. Spark unknown sources.

5. Find the APK train on your phone.

6. Launch the App which you have Download the train and follow the instructions.

7. If you have a problem installing any app please communicate with us.


PicasoTV not gives live services only but also allows the druggies to download any asked movie or web series for free. The development platoon of this app is also intelligent & clever. No doubt, they tried hard to give stylish options. Utmost watched, popular and rearmost releases keep you streamlined. And you don’t miss them.

Also, mark your favorite media to watch it again.At the same time, being an unofficial app, it needs many warrants for its functions. However, also download it now, If you can’t go a decoration source of entertainment.


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