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PTV Sports to keep them up to date with the most stylish sporting moments ever.
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PTV Sports Official
June 19 2022
Android 5.0 +
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Emotional & dramatic competitions in the T20 World Cup are entertaining the suckers. Justice suckers need an authentic & continued source to watch live matches of this mega event. Thus, we have a surprising gift for you. Download the PTV Sports app for your phone and enjoy all the matches live through it. Indeed, it’s free of cost, but you only need an internet connection for it.

Also, all of you can use it through its representation of a Pakistani sports channel. The rearmost interpretation is ready to stream all the current sports taking place anywhere in the world.

It’s to inform you that Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) is the sanctioned & state- possessed Television channel. And it offers all National & International sports24/7. Actually, it broadcasts nearly all the popular sports, like Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, Wrestling, etc.
In other words, there are no content issues like other unofficial apps. You can download it for smooth & high- quality live streaming. Also, GHD Sports is another option if the given doesn’t work ever.

PTV Sports uses IPTV technology to run its services. Druggies don’t have to choose or elect sports from its menu. Rather, you watch live matches by clicking on the “ Watch” button. Resultantly, it’ll broadcast what you see on the sanctioned Television channel.

Currently, it plays T20 justice matches on priority. However, also don’t miss any of the matches, If you’re a justice addict. Match schedules, match highlights, forthcoming matches, English commentary, and numerous other services you get. Therefore, PTV Sports will noway let you feel alone when you want to use your phone effectively.

PTV Sports Apk (Latest Version) v1.52 Free Download For Android

What’s PTV Sports Apk? 

Live Justice PTV Apk is a global Pakistani string and satellite sports TV broadcaster operated by Pakistan Television Corporation and known for broadcasting PSL (Cricket Match) and the 2019 Pakistan Super League.

It’s a state broadcaster that broadcasts a number of sporting events, including the Portuguese Primera Liga, the Titleholders League, Hockey, the European League, transnational friendly sports, and the World Cup qualifiers. It has exclusive broadcasting rights to numerous sports competitions similar to justice, tennis, hockey, and soccer.

This app was developed for bones-hard sports suckers and observers of PTV Sports to keep them up to date with the most stylish sporting moments ever. It also gives you live aqueducts of transnational T20 justice, transnational football, badminton, the Nation League, and the FA Cup. Plus, you can watch your favorite games as long as you have an internet connection.

How does PTV Sports Apk work? 

Still, especially in soccer, you need to have an app like PTV Sports Live on your Android device, If you like sports. With the app, you can enjoy games in the biggest leagues in the world.

You may be wondering”Why can PTV Sports Live Apk sluice sporting events from around the world?” Let’s exfoliate some light on your question. PTV Sports Live achieves this thanks to the help of IPTV.

For those who are ignorant of this, IPTV is a videotape transmission technology that delivers videotape content over a computer network. In other words, IPTV enables a Television signal to be transmitted over the Internet.

It also uses PTV Sports to offer a range of live sports channels, giving druggies the option to choose which games they want to watch.

PTV Sports Apk (Latest Version) v1.52 Free Download For Android

Features of the PTV Sports 

The title of the app defines itself. It’s an exclusive sports app streaming live broadcasting from the sanctioned TV channel. Pakistanis enjoy this channel through satellite or string connections. Yet, you can use the app anywhere in the world. Also, the following features will be in your access.

• Live Sports – PTV Sports reserves rights to sluice multiple sports at the public & transnational position. Druggies will enjoy Football, Cricket, Tennis, Racing Sports, Hockey, and Badminton in this app.
• Live PTV Sports _ Cricket World Cup 2021 is watchable on PTV Sports. Verily, all matches are shown officially. So, you can enjoy live justice with English commentary without any hassle.
• One-Click Access – Likewise, you can discover its services incontinently using the “ Watch” option in its menu. It’ll play the same effects that are available on the sanctioned PTV Sports.
• Sports Orders – Indeed, several leagues, events, world mugs, crowns, public sports, and friendly matches are also pleasurable. Hence, it’s a different & comprehensive source.
• No Login Info – To use the app, you won’t put any information to log in, register, or subscribe to the channel services. In short, it’s a free, safe & secure app working directly without limitations.


These are the major services of PTV Sports. Its eye-catching layout will regale the druggies. Above all, it’s the simplest app to use. After downloading and installing it, open its main menu. Tap the first icon, i.e., WATCH, and start watching the stylish sports channel from Pakistan. There’s no buffering if you manage a stable internet connection. Please, download its original train if you’re a conscious person. In addition to the recent justice events, numerous other sports are offered.


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