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Free download for Android WhatsApp Gold is an advanced-position app having outstanding features.
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Febuary 01, 2023
Android 5.0 +
60 MB

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WhatsApp Gold is an advanced- position app having outstanding features. Although, it isn’t sanctioned WhatsApp. It’s the mod and can be used as a volition to the sanctioned WhatsApp, analogous to AO WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp. This alternate is used for drooling, transferring filmland, making videotape calls, participating in media lines, etc. But the most pleasurable thing about the mod is that you can partake in media lines, no matter how large the train is. So, take your chance and download it. Don’t waste time opting for many lines or filmland as sanctioned WhatsApp offers, which is veritably prickly and boring.

In this composition, I’ll try my stylist to familiarize you with WhatsApp Gold. It’s dependable and fast. Also, it’ll allow you to customize the app according to your choice, and you can try new aesthetics. After installing this one, you’ll be suitable to hide exchanges and statuses and set a word for sequestration purposes. likewise, the blue blotches will only do when you respond to the sender. piecemeal from this, you can see the deleted dispatches and statuses deleted after posting. The remarkable mod point is that you can shoot multiple prints and videos contemporaneously,e.g., 90 images. Not only filmland but also vids and prints up to 30 MB.

Every app comes with advantages and disadvantages. I had formerly bandied the positive sights of the modified interpretation. Now it’s time to punctuate its weak sights. It’s a third-party mod operation. There’s a little chance that your device gets affected by malware; it may also hang your phone, and your sequestration is at threat. It can be installed on confirmed or non-rooted Android phones.

What’s Golden WhatsApp?

The inventor Altornedo7 has created a modified interpretation of the sanctioned WhatsApp which is WhatsApp gold functionary or golden Whatsapp. WhatsApp gold is made for Android bias. numerous people use the WhatsApp Gold app because it isn’t only veritably secure, but it also includes some awful features that aren’t available in the original WhatsApp, similar as saving media to your gallery and viewing deleted dispatches.

WhatsApp Gold APK is the new modified mod of Original WhatsApp for Android stoners with unlimited amazing and provocative features. WhatsApp Gold has been created by Altornedo7, also known as Nasser.

WhatsApp Gold APK is a trusted mod of WhatsApp that’s been used by millions of stoners and it helps everyone to reach a lot of features further than the original WhatsApp. This mod is available on multitudinous different operating systems like windows, android, and iOS. It’s one of the most notorious apps on the web and the number of stoners is growing up every day.

Features of WhatsApp Gold:

• sequestration.
• Customization.
• Blue ticks.
•Anti-delete communication.
• stoner interface.
• Hide exchanges.
•Multi-media sharing.
•Anti-delete status.
• transferring large prints and vids at formerly.
• VPN Proxy swell.
• And much further.


To wrap effects up, the below information handed us is accurate and will be helpful for you. The purpose of writing this composition is to grease the druggies of WhatsApp Gold APK. It’s the stylish and fastest way to connect with others having seductive features. This app is safe and suitable for Android, so free download rearmost interpretation. It’s over to you whether you take advantage of this masterpiece or waste your time using sanctioned WhatsApp.


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